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48th IMO 2007

BGD at IMO 2007 Tarik Adnan MoonMd Ishat-E-RabbanShouman DasNazia Naser ChowdhuryTanvir Ahamed Bhuyain

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results1502320318014.13%HM, HM, HM
Tarik Adnan Moon 010200345412.72%
Md Ishat-E-Rabban 000700740222.74%Honourable mention
Shouman Das 110700934433.91%Honourable mention
Nazia Naser Chowdhury 020000246410.79%
Tanvir Ahamed Bhuyain 0107201032238.15%Honourable mention
Leader: Mahbub Alam Majumdar
Deputy leader: A A Munir Hasan

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