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About IMO

IMO board
Members of the IMO Board
Ethics Committee
Members of the Ethics Committee
This is the page to access various documents related to IMO.
IMO Foundation
The IMO Foundation is a charity which supports the IMO.
IMO forum
Available only for leaders of national teams Locked

IMO logo

The IMO logo was introduced in IMO 1995 in Canada. The IMO logo is available in several graphic formats. For publication (ie. press) one should use the logo in the CMYK color scheme.

Graphics formatsFiles
CDR (CorelDraw)CMYK, RGB
AI (Adobe Illustrator)CMYK, RGB
EPS (PostScript 1)CMYK
PNG30 × 21, 70 × 48, 100 × 69, 200 × 138, 300 × 206, 400 × 275
GIF30 × 21, 70 × 48, 100 × 69, 200 × 138, 300 × 206, 400 × 275

IMO flag

The official IMO flag was introduced at IMO 1995 in Canada along with the IMO logo. The flag is white with the IMO logo in its centre. It became a tradition that the IMO flag is passed to the next host at the end of the Closing Ceremony.

IMO hymn

The IMO hymn was introduced at IMO 1997 in Argentina. Download MP3

IMO 2016 donated music (composer: Dr Mui Kwong Chiu) IMO Theme (mp3) IMO Theme Slow (mp3) Tunes Lyrics

IMO web server

At the moment the IMO database contains information about 21098 contestants. The IMO server is hosted by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana and maintained by Matjaž Željko (webmaster).

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