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46th IMO 2005

BRA at IMO 2005 Gabriel Tavares BujokasThomás Yoiti Sasaki HoshinaGuilherme Rodrigues Nogueira de SouzaLeandro Farias MaiaLevi Máximo VianaEdson Bezerra Lopes

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results1613825173823364.44%G, B, HM, HM
Gabriel Tavares Bujokas777772372395.70%Gold medal
Thomás Yoiti Sasaki Hoshina0007701422556.25%Bronze medal
Guilherme Rodrigues Nogueira de Souza0117011026149.22%Honourable mention
Leandro Farias Maia710100927746.09%Honourable mention
Levi Máximo Viana140100632836.13%
Edson Bezerra Lopes100230632836.13%

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