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58th IMO 2017

DEN at IMO 2017 Alice RyhlIustin BeldieMarius FischerJonathan Tilling NiemannRasmus Juhl ChristensenAlex Villaro Y Krüger

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results41502740776541.82%B, HM, HM, HM, HM, HM
Alice Ryhl 710100947123.45%Honourable mention
Iustin Beldie 7107301813977.52%Bronze medal
Marius Fischer 7007001434244.46%Honourable mention
Jonathan Tilling Niemann 7304001434244.46%Honourable mention
Rasmus Juhl Christensen 700100849719.22%Honourable mention
Alex Villaro Y Krüger 6007101434244.46%Honourable mention
Leader: Asbjørn Christian Nordentoft
Deputy leader: Frederik Ravn Klausen

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