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55th IMO 2014

PER at IMO 2014 Christian Omar Altamirano ModestoAnthony Huarcaya PalominoChristian Suyo BurgaMiguel Angel Ccaccya CarhuasJemisson Coronel BaldeónJimmy Espinoza Palacios

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results4228742701262972.00%S, B, B, B, B, B
Christian Omar Altamirano Modesto767700276987.84%Silver medal
Anthony Huarcaya Palomino7707002116371.02%Bronze medal
Christian Suyo Burga7607002020064.40%Bronze medal
Miguel Angel Ccaccya Carhuas7607002020064.40%Bronze medal
Jemisson Coronel Baldeón7007501922160.64%Bronze medal
Jimmy Espinoza Palacios7307201922160.64%Bronze medal
Leader: Jesús Zapata Samanez
Deputy leader: Claudio Espinoza Choqquepura

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