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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

22nd IMO 1981

UNK at IMO 1981 William Timothy (Tim) GowersMark David BennetJeremy Charles RickardImre Bennett LeaderIan Robert Hart JacksonPeter Benedict KronheimerStephen John Montgomery-SmithStephen Paul (Paul) Smith

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results385445545555301392.31%G, G, G, S, S, S, S, B
William Timothy (Tim) Gowers 777777421100.00%Gold medal
Mark David Bennet 777777421100.00%Gold medal
Jeremy Charles Rickard 412785.87%Gold medal
Imre Bennett Leader 375073.37%Silver medal
Ian Robert Hart Jackson 365869.02%Silver medal
Peter Benedict Kronheimer 384377.17%Silver medal
Stephen John Montgomery-Smith 384377.17%Silver medal
Stephen Paul (Paul) Smith 279946.74%Bronze medal
Leader: Robert Cranston Lyness
Deputy leader: John William Hersee

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