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46th IMO 2005

VNM at IMO 2005 Hùng Nguyễn NguyễnTho Trứờng NguyễnKhánh Đỗ QuốcĐan Trần TrọngMinh Trần ChiêuHùng Phạm Kim

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results2030261542101431584.44%S, S, S, B, B, B
Hùng Nguyễn Nguyễn0701701520759.77%Bronze medal
Tho Trứờng Nguyễn1161701619162.89%Bronze medal
Khánh Đỗ Quốc0172721914472.07%Bronze medal
Đan Trần Trọng570774305789.06%Silver medal
Minh Trần Chiêu776272315389.84%Silver medal
Hùng Phạm Kim777272324791.02%Silver medal

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