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4th IMO 1962

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Points distribution - IMO 1962

Contestant [][←]CountryP1P2P3P4P5P6P7Total#RankAward
Iosif Bernstein Union of Soviet Socialist Republics6685768461Gold medal
Gerzson Kéry Hungary452Gold medal
Lidia Goncarova Union of Soviet Socialist Republics423Gold medal
Zoltán Sebestyén Hungary414Gold medal
László Gálfi Hungary395Silver medal
József Kóta Hungary395Silver medal
Marcin Kuczma Poland395Silver medal
Gheorghe Eckstein Romania395Silver medal
Ferenc Szidarovszky Hungary389Silver medal
Aleksandru Buimovici Romania389Silver medal
Bojan Marinov Bonev Bulgaria66857413711Silver medal
Aleksei Potepun Union of Soviet Socialist Republics3711Silver medal
Grigori Margulis Union of Soviet Socialist Republics3613Silver medal
Peter Hatala Czechoslovakia66847403514Silver medal
George Lusztig Romania3514Silver medal
Karl-Heinz Tetsch German Democratic Republic3416Silver medal
Miroslav Svetoslav Tanusev Bulgaria66456423317Bronze medal
Jaroslav Ježek Czechoslovakia66854403317Bronze medal
Jacek Wołejszo Poland3317Bronze medal
Bozidar Dimitrov Kacarov Bulgaria61457453220Bronze medal
András Benczúr Hungary3220Bronze medal
Miklós Simonovits Hungary3220Bronze medal
Jan Rempała Poland3220Bronze medal
Lucian Bădescu Romania3220Bronze medal
Florea HantilaRomania3220Bronze medal
Genadi Kuranov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics3126Bronze medal
Josef Daneš Czechoslovakia66840063027Bronze medal
Ewa Hensz Poland3027Bronze medal
Radu Puha Romania3027Bronze medal
Daniar Mustari Union of Soviet Socialist Republics3027Bronze medal
Karel Veselý Czechoslovakia26756212931Bronze medal
Jan Żytkow Poland2832
Nikola Vedelev Bulgaria63057412634
Milena Ivanova Bulgaria63047502535
Jan NovotnýCzechoslovakia64724002336
Pavol Voda Czechoslovakia55850002336
András Gyárfás Hungary2336
*Union of Soviet Socialist Republics2240
*German Democratic Republic2141
*German Democratic Republic2141
*German Democratic Republic2141
Marián Mešina Czechoslovakia14645002044
Paweł Gabryjańczyk Poland2044
Svatopluk Fučík Czechoslovakia65314001946
*Union of Soviet Socialist Republics1946
Walter Görgens German Democratic Republic1848
*German Democratic Republic1848
Paweł Urbański Poland1848
Dimco Dimitrov Bulgaria65020021551
Dimitr Kasabov Bulgaria63420001551
*German Democratic Republic1453
Garabed Minasiev Bulgaria62040101354
Jerzy Sztachelski Poland1155
*German Democratic Republic656
* Names and scores are known but cannot be matched.

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